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Mobile Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy on site at your location

The Mobile Massage Therapy service provides treatment on site at your location within St. John's and surrounding areas.
Travel further abroad for special events or to provide short term locums may be arranged, with extra mobile charges to be determined on a per request basis.
​​If you have any questions or would like to book a Mobile Massage Therapy service you must contact me directly, you are unable to book these services online.

Mobile Massage Therapy can be provided at places and events such as:

Seniors homes
Palliative Care
Work spaces/offices
Private residence
Trade shows
Sporting events
Community events
Corporate wellness days
Professional development days


Private Mobile Massage
$36/location* added to Initial Assessment, Therapeutic Massage & Thai Yoga Massage clinic rates
$54/location* added to Hot Stone and Indian Head Massage clinic rates

All the supplies required are provided, there must be a space on site large enough to accommodate a massage table, chair or mat, whatever your preference. If a client is immobile and unable to get on the equipment provided, the treatment approach can be modified accordingly. This service is best suited for settings such as seniors homes, hospitals, palliative care, offices, private residence, etc.
* The mobile fee is charged per location, therefore if several treatments are booked sequentially at the same location, clients can choose to split the mobile fee. For example $36 for 1 person, $18 each for 2, $12 each for 3, $9 each for 4
To book your Private Mobile Massage contact me now.

Public Mobile Massage
$100/hr + $36 mobile fee
Massage treatments performed over clothing on either a massage table, chair or mat, usually 15-20 minutes in duration. This type of service allows for a large number of people to receive treatments in a short period of time. Typically for corporate or community events, trade shows, conferences, etc. The sponsor/organizer of the event normally pays for the service thus offering it to the clients/patrons free of charge.
To book your Public Mobile Massage contact me now.

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