Mindful Flow

About Mindful Flow

with Carolyn Staple, RMT

Mindful Flow began as a Mobile Service because of a need I was made aware of in the St. John's and surrounding area. I was hearing of people having trouble finding someone to come to their home or hospital room to provide massage therapy so I started filling the need. I quickly fell in love with bringing my practice out into the community, especially to clients who are unable to come to my clinic due to illness or mobility issues.

I find providing treatment to seniors and those at the palliative care stage of their lives to be particularly rewarding. A healing and caring touch at these stages of life can bring such comfort and peace to both the client and their family.

As word continues to spread of my mobile service I find myself being asked to provide massage therapy at conferences, sporting events, community events and workplaces for employee wellness days. 

Now, Mindful Flow also has a beautiful clinic space to operate out of, a warm and peaceful treatment room in the Nova Yoga Studio in downtown St. John's. Here I've created a safe space for clients to openly talk about any issues that are on their minds, that may be weighing them down physically and emotionally. A space to de-stress, release tension and relax. 

I truly believe that massage therapy can benefit everyone, physically, mentally and spiritually, whether you have an acute injury, a chronic condition, an illness or an overall desire to increase relaxation, reduce stress and improve well-being.

At Mindful Flow I am mindful of you, of what your body, mind and spirit need in order for your energy to flow freely.