Mindful Flow

Massage Therapy Treatments

Mobile & Clinic

The following is a list of Mindful Flow's treatments provided both In-Clinic and as a Mobile Massage Therapy service, along with their descriptions and clinic rates, including HST.
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Direct billing is provided to most insurance companies for your convenience.

Initial Assessment  
60min - $100
75min - $120
90min - $140
If this is your first visit or your last visit was more than 6 months ago, we’ll take some time to discuss your overall health, past and present; complete/update your health history form; perform relevant posture & gait analysis, range of motion, orthopedic testing and palpation; and discuss your symptoms and your treatment goals. This time is necessary to best determine the cause of your pain and provide the most effective treatment. We will discuss your treatment plan which may include a variety of techniques best suited to your situation, obtain your consent and proceed with your treatment. After your treatment, home care and remedial exercise will be prescribed as needed and further treatment frequency and duration will be recommended if necessary. Essential oils are used for aromatherapy if indicated.
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Therapeutic Massage
30min - $60
45min - $80
60min - $100
75min - $120
90min - $140

Therapeutic massage treatments incorporate a variety of General Swedish Massage techniques with pressure varying from light to deep tissue according to your need and tolerance. Treatments can also include techniques such as trigger point release, cross-fiber frictions, active release techniques, joint mobilizations, intra-oral treatment, prenatal treatment, hydrotherapy, diaphragmatic breathing, myofascial release, gua sha, cupping and remedial exercise. Essential oils are used for aromatherapy if indicated. 
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Indian Head Massage
30min - $75
45min - $95
60min - $115

Massage treatment focused on the neck, shoulders, scalp and face, stimulating pressure points to relieve tension and help decrease headaches and jaw pain associated with TMJ dysfunction. Warm coconut oil is poured along the hairline through the scalp and hot towels are used to help increase relaxation and clear congestion. Essential oils are used for aromatherapy if indicated. Contact me if booking this treatment as an add-on to your Therapeutic Massage treatment. 
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Hot Stone Massage
60min - $115
75min - $135

90min - $155
Massage treatment using hot stones for a deep heat transfer into the tissues to help decrease tension, release areas of restriction, increase circulation and promote relaxation. Essential oils used for aromatherapy if indicated. 
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Thai Yoga Massage
60min - $100
75min - $120
90min - $140

Therapeutic massage that takes place on a specialized floor mat and uses bolsters, pillows and blankets as props, with the client wearing comfortable clothing they can move freely in. The treatment uses no oil and incorporates a wide variety of techniques such as acupressure-like manipulations and compressions of the soft tissue, joint mobilization, passive & active stretching, fascial release techniques, and tapotement. This type of therapy is extremely effective in increasing range of motion and flexibility. Absolutely no yoga experience necessary.
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